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Isabella Domm

I'm a 19 year old artist from St. Cloud, MN. I've been passionate about art my entire life. More recently I've decided to get serious about refining my skills & style, branching out, and displaying my art to the world. I would say my greatest art accomplishments so far have been selling paintings to people from all places across the world like California and China & having 2 solo galleries at the lovely Jules' Bistro in St. Cloud. I've always been very into painting people, and I tend to paint my favorite musicians as I listen to their songs. My all-time favorite media is acrylic paint but I really enjoy mixing medias. My personal artistic goals are to stay authentic and keep on growing. Some hobbies besides art that I enjoy are weightlifting, reading, playing video games, and adventuring. With my art, I hope to tell meaningful stories and bring happiness to others. Thank you so much for stopping by and checking me out! 

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